Symptoms of Staph Infection

Published: 14th April 2010
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A Staph Infection is an infection caused by Staphylococcus (or "Staph" bacteria). It is a very common bacterium and is generally believed to be present in about 25% of all people. In many cases, it lives upon the skin in the nose, mouth, genital, and anal areas without causing an infection. However, once a cut or puncture occurs, in an area where the bacteria are residing, chances of an infection increase dramatically. The foot is also susceptible to picking up the bacteria from the floor. Staph infections normally begin with a minor cut that becomes infected with the bacteria.

Staph infections are not normally considered a serious problem as long as they are treated. They can be quite irritating to the skin as they can cause redness and bumps to occur on the skin. Many people are embarrassed by the way it makes their skin look and this can really result in a lot of aggravation and frustration to the person who has it.

Types Of Staph Infection:
Boils or Furuncle
Infection of the hair follicles underneath the skin and known as Folliculitis
A Stie develops on the eyelid. It's noticeable because of it's reddish and swollen nature and can be painful and uncomfortable.
Impetigo is the term used for a staph infection which generally affects children.

Staph contains over thirty different types of bacteria and is responsible for a number of illnesses with most non life threatening. Conditions such as skin disease or impetigo which is most common in children and is characterized by pussy formations on the skin and yellow crusts are as a result of staph infection.

A staph infection, also know as a staphyloccal infection, is a common problem that can happen to anyone on almost any spot on the body. A staph infection is caused by bacteria that sit on the body and then enters through an open cut or wound.

There is one type of staph infection particular to the skin known as cellulitis. Cellulitis affects the deeper layers of the skin. This type of staph infection is quite common and can be even more dangerous for people with immune system problems or diabetes. If an individual's immune system is too weak, this bacteria can set root in the body and thrive. Diabetics or people with high glucose levels tend to have drier skin and lack sufficient ability to fight off harmful bacteria.

If you suspect someone else has it do not roll or spar with them and advise them to get treatment. Always take a shower after workout and scrub thoroughly with an antimicrobial soap, if a staph outbreak is present in your gym you may want to consider using a surgical scrub such as Hibiclens, which are available over-the-counter.

Staph infections can vary from simple minor infections such as pimples and boils to much more dangerous and life threatening infections such as pneumonia, mininges, septicema, endocarditis and osteomyelitis.

There is no simple answer to this question. All acne is caused by some sort of infection. It can be due to clogged pores becoming infected, or an infection under the skin that can cause acne on the surface.

Early symptoms of a staph infection may be a small, red bump resembling a bug bite or pimple on the body. Common areas where it may be found are in exposed areas such as arms and legs. It is also found in areas that sweat more including the underarm, buttocks, and groin. The pimple-like bump quickly becomes painful, red and enlarged. There can also be several in one area. This infection acts quickly, often causing flu-like symptoms such as fever and vomiting. It is a serious infection that can also be deadly.

These MRSA symptoms are right on as I can relate to the infection I had on my knee many years ago. It was amazing how fast this infection increased in size and yes, it is painful.

When treating MRSA, taking antibiotics is not enough to destroy the bacterium or heal a Staph infection. Even though some medicines may help the boil to go away, the germ is still all around you, and you will most likely get it again if proper prevention measures are not followed. This dilemma has doctors and other medical professionals scurrying for an alternative to antibiotics.

Staph infections have become quite common in places that sweat and other bodily fluids are left behind by a community of people. The first place that this can be most common is a local gym. Open cuts and wounds make this a prime target for bacteria to move in and destroy the tissue of the body.

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